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Goodies to Download

Click here to download jazz performances from jazz artist Doug McKenzie

Click here to download Blues / Rock, Jazz, Techno and HipHop Patterns from the Prosonic Studios collections

Click here to download GrooveRockLib.drm - a library of Groove Monkee Rock Patterns

Click here to download EZ2RockBasicMap.drmEZ2JazzBasicMap.drm and  EZ2JazzBrushMap.drm - map files for EZ Drummer2(tm) Pop/Rock and Jazz kits

General MIDI jazz standard drum programs  (ZIP file)

Alice in Wonderland

Autumn Leaves


C Jam Blues

Girl from Ipanema

Night in Tunisia

On Green Dolphin Street

Satin Doll

Speak Low

St Thomas

Swingin' Shepherd Blues

NEW: Pop/Rock song drum programs  (ZIP file; best with Version 1.0.6)

Sister Golden Hair

Pick Up the Pieces

Good Vibrations

Will It Go Round in Circles

Karma Chameleon


Say You Love Me

Sounds of Silence


... many more


Average White Band

Beach Boys

Billy Preston

Culture Club

Eric Clapton

Fleetwood Mac

Simon & Garfunkel

Michael Jackson

This parameterized template for 12-Bar Blues has sample home recording for the first few verses*


(* don't worry, we won't quit our day jobs)

JazzFragments.drm is an example of recording short piano fragments and constructing a song using the pattern-building features of the drum language

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