Goodies to Download

General MIDI jazz standard drum programs

Alice in Wonderland

Autumn Leaves


C Jam Blues

Girl from Ipanema

Night in Tunisia

On Green Dolphin Street

Satin Doll

Speak Low

St Thomas

Swingin' Shepherd Blues

This template for 12-Bar Blues has an example home recording for the first few verses*


(* don't worry, we won't quit our day jobs)

Click here to download EZ2RockBasicMap.drm and EZ2JazzBasicMap.drm - map files for EZ Drummer2(tm) Pop/Rock and Jazz kits

Click here to download GrooveRockLib.drm - a library of Groove Monkee Rock Patterns

JazzFragments.drm is an example of recording short fragments and constructing a song using the pattern-building features of the drum language

Click here to download Blues / Rock, Jazz, Techno and HipHop Patterns from the Prosonic Studios collections

NEW:   Click here to download jazz performances from jazz artist Doug McKenzie

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